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« Curriculum Vitae
Please see linkedin for my most up to date resume. Link can be find at the top right of any page.

Name:              Hannes Delbeke
Residence:        United Kingdom
E-mail:             hannesdelbeke@gmail.com
skype:              hannesdelbeke 
linkedin:           www.linkedin.com/pub/hannes-delbeke/55/b12/466
Artstation:        www.artstation.com/artist/hannesdelbeke
Sketchfab:        sketchfab.com/han

I am a technical artist with a love for Python. I like to participate in gamejams, and have won a few. In my spare time I like to create personal artwork or research new tools. I have a strong online presence being one of the most followed users on sketchfab. When I am not behind my computer I have my nose in books, play boardgames or go rock climbing.

« Experience

2015                Artist at Freejam - Robocraft
2014                Junior 3D artist at Gamingcorps - Riddick the merc files 
2013                Released Cubelink on Google Play
2013                Technical artist intern at the Gamebakers

« Studies

2013 - 2014      YH education - Futuregames
2010 - 2013      Bachelor Digital Arts and Entertainment - Howest
2004 - 2010      Visual arts - Kunst Academie Wetteren
2004 - 2010      Science & Math - Sint Gertrudiscollege Wetteren

« Key Skills

» Scripting knowledge: Python, Maxscript, UnityScript, basic C#, basic Mel 

» Low & highpoly modelling, both ingame objects as well as for highend rendering purposes. 

» Sculpt high poly assets and retopologize them 

» Texturing, Ability to create handpainted as well as next gen and PBR textures (specular, normalmap). 

» Ability to create realtime shaders using Shaderforge and the Unreal shadereditor, or writting them from scratch in Unity.

» Ability to rig & skin character meshes for realtime & rendering application. 

» Traditional & digital drawing skills, ability to come up with original ideas & concepts and illustrate them. 

» Excellent ability to communicate with programmers and software engineers due to my understanding of the technical aspects of gamedevelopment. 

» Ability to prototype games in Unity 

» Ability to create tools that automate tasks in Max, Maya and Unity 

« Software


»3D Studio Max


»3D Coat






»Unreal engine 4