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Sea of Thieves

Most of my work at Rare was centered around the
character art pipeline of Sea of Thieves.

Work done on this pipeline:
* Optimized and redesigned underlying framework
* Added LOD support (Simplygon)
* Added automated testing.
* Added userfeedback for current running batches

Files went from over 2 hours of processing to under 20 minutes. Optimised by reducing unneeded operations and converting pymel to openmaya.

After Sea of Thieves released I worked on the development of the new toolframework API

Other tasks worked on during Sea of Thieves:
* Created a simple autorigger for props, and a    rigtransfer tool for propvariations with shared rig.
* Supported artists with various issues

Temple of Xiala

A indiegame I developped in my spare time. It was succesfully kickstarted and is now on Steam.

The game is created in the game engine Corona using lua. This was my first time using either.

I created a pipeline allowing the use of the art program as level creator, by exporting the layerinformation in a json.


At Freejam I started as an Artist but quickly grew into the role of generalist/tech artist. My technical skills made me a bridge between Art and Code. Resulting in a broad range of responsibilities.

* Worked together with artists and coders to set up
   assets correctly in the game.
* Created quick playable itterations for new maps
   together with the game designer
* Provided art passes in worldmachine for the
   terrain. Worked together with the art team to
   create props and content for the map.
* Created new shaders to assist the VFX team.
* Optimised the game based on feedback from the
   CTO and my own research
* Provided R&D for new tools for the Artists
* Created basic pipeline tools and scripts

Robocraft Maps


I worked together with the programmers to implement the map in the game. And worked together with QA to organise playtesting of the map.


I was in charge of the development of this map. I provided art direction, concept art and overpaints to the 3D artist and worked together with him to create the dam and tower props.

For the gameplay I created a blockout which I presented several times to the level designer. After testing we replaced the blockout with art and generated terrain.

I reused basic props from the other ice maps, and for the terrain I used worldmachine.

Vanguard's End

Assisted in creating this new map. Fixed visual problems with assets, collisions, and prop placement and did the lighting and GI bake.

I used worldmachine and worldbuilder for terrain generation. I reused the worldbuilder earth preset created when working on the "Birmingham Power Station" map.

Created a terrain shader to add a burned trail without increasing drawcalls.

Battle for Birmingham

Assisted in creating this new map.

I mainly used worldbuilder in Unity, and created a earth terrain preset which I reused for the next map.

Robocraft Mech legs

I created the mech legs in Robocraft from scratch. I made concepts in 2D and 3D, and created overpaints based on the feedback of the Art Director.

Afterwards I created the final mesh and texture, imported it in Unity, and worked together with the coders to set it up.


Riddick The Mercfiles

Worked as a Junior 3D artist on this mobile title. We worked on a complete graphic overhaul. My responsibilities were oriented towards leveldesign and environment art.
* Created levels in Unity working closely with the leveldesigner
* Redid the lighting to create mood.
* Created props to fill the levels with.

Personal projects


Hack and Slash

This project started in my spare time to learn myself Unity.

* Created all art and code myself
* Found people online for animation and sound
* Developped a 3d tileset mapeditor in Unity.


I worked on this indieproject as a tech artist creating nodebased shaders for the water and effects, scripted custom vfx, created conceptart and scripted tools in Unity.



A mobile puzzle app that I made on my own. The app is released on Google Play and has gotten good reviews. To create the levels I wrote a leveleditor in Unity.

The gameplay is based on the original flowbased games but adds the challenge of 3 dimensions. The game has a tutorial, supports localisation, and saves your progress. You can play it here.



A towerdefense game made with some friends. I was responsible for the artstyle and created 90 % of the models and textures and conceptart.