Temple of Xiala

Language Lua
Game Engine Corona
Software Pyxel
Platform PC (Steam)

Temple of Xiala is my second released indiegame. All code, art and leveldesign was done by me. After creating a strong MVP, the game was successfully kickstarted and released on Steam.

  • Successfully ran a Kickstarter campaign
  • Strong & readable art-style (and first time Pixel Art)
  • Steam API integration (achievements, cloudsave)
  • Used Pyxel and Corona/Lua for the first time
  • Custom Pipeline to use Pyxel as my level editor
  • Teach players new gameplay without using text

To speed up creating levels I created a pipeline between the art program (Pyxel) and the game engine. This enabled me to export levels straight from Pyxel without having to use a third party tile editor, or write my own level-creator. This is done by using the existing tile functionality from Pyxel. Then the layer information is exported to a json, which can, with the help of some custom code, be read directly by the game code to generate levels.