Language C#, HLSL
Game Engine Unity
Software Maya, Photoshop, Timeline FX
Platform PC (Steam), Xbox One

I started working at Freejam as an Artist, but quickly grew into the role of tech artist. My technical skills made me a bridge between Art and Code and I often worked closely with the Art director to get his ideas in the game. This resulted in a broad range of responsibilities which I quite enjoyed.

  • Worked together with artists and coders to set up assets correctly in the game
  • Created quick playable itterations for new maps together with the game designer
  • Provided art passes in worldmachine for the terrain
  • Worked together with the art team to create props and content for the map
  • Created new shaders to assist the VFX team
  • Optimised the game based on feedback from the CTO and my own research
  • Optimised shaders in Unity and created a shader inheritance system for the cubes in Robocraft
  • Provided R&D for new tools for the Artists
  • Created basic pipeline tools and scripts