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Taka House

While browsing pinterest I found a nice concept by "Yes I do" and decided to make it in 3d. Modelled in 3ds Max. Textured in photoshop

Textures are a 1024 and 256 diffuse. And a 256 alpha mask. 2.5k tris 

The model was featured on the sketchfab frontpage and became model of the week.



A knight based on the concept by Nawol. I choose this concept because I wanted to rig something with armor. The knight is modelled and rigged in Maya. The texture is handpainted in photoshop



An exercise in handpainted textures. Model was provided by Milan van Damme. First I did some overpaints on a screenshot. Then I picked my favorite concept, made a moodboard, and started painting on the model in 3ds Max



sub d modelling exercises