hannes delbeke  


3D 2D projects resume  



I work as an Artist on Robocraft, one of the biggest free to play games on steam. My technical skills make me a bridge between the Art and Code department. Because of this I have a broad range of responsibilities.

* Working together with artists and coders to get
   the assets correctly set up in the game.
* Creating quick playable itterations for new maps
   together with the game designer
* Providing art passes in worldmachine for the
   terrain. Working together with the art team to
   create props and content for the map.
* Develop new shaders and assist the VFX team.
* Optimise the game based on feedback from the
   CTO and my own research
* Provide R&D for new tools for the Artists
* Create basic pipeline tools and scripts



I worked together with the programmers to implement the map in the game. And worked together with QA to organise playtesting of the map.


I was in charge of the development of this map. I provided art direction, concept art and overpaints to the 3D artist and worked together with him to create the dam and tower props.

For the gameplay I created a blockout which I presented several times to the level designer. After testing we replaced the blockout with art and generated terrain.

I reused basic props from the other ice maps, and for the terrain I used worldmachine.

Vanguard's End

Assisted in creating this new map. Fixed visual problems with assets, collisions, and prop placement and did the lighting and GI bake.

I used worldmachine and worldbuilder for terrain generation. I reused the worldbuilder earth preset created when working on the "Birmingham Power Station" map.

Created a terrain shader to add a burned trail without increasing drawcalls.

Battle for Birmingham

Assisted in creating this new map.

I mainly used worldbuilder in Unity, and created a earth terrain preset which I reused for the next map.

Features & Assets

Mech legs

I created the mech legs in Robocraft from scratch. I made concepts in 2D and 3D, and created overpaints based on the feedback of the Art Director.

Afterwards I created the final mesh and texture, imported it in Unity, and worked together with the coders to set it up.


Riddick The Mercfiles

I worked as a Junior 3D artist for 6 months on the mobile title Riddick The Mercfiles. We worked on a complete graphic overhaul. My responsibilities were oriented towards leveldesign and environment art. I created levels in Unity working closely with the leveldesigner and redid the lighting to create mood. I also created various props to fill the levels with.

Personal projects


Hack and Slash

This was my first big project and first time using Unity. I did all art and code myself, and worked on this during the summervaction.

For the animation and sound I contacted people on the unityforum and worked together with them.

I also coded a mapeditor to help me create levels.


I worked on this indieproject as a tech artist creating nodebased shaders for the water and effects, scripted custom vfx, created conceptart and scripted tools in Unity.



A mobile puzzle app that I made on my own. The app is released on Google Play and has gotten good reviews. To create the levels I wrote a leveleditor in Unity.

The gameplay is based on the original flowbased games but adds the challenge of 3 dimensions. The game has a tutorial, supports localisation, and saves your progress. You can play it here.



A towerdefense game made with some friends. I was responsible for the artstyle and created 90 % of the models and textures and conceptart.